Azer Samson Jones


Name: Azer Samson Jones Gender: Male
Birthdate: October 6th, 1840
Birthplace: Pittsburg, PA
Profession: Soldier in the Union
School: Home
Favorite Books: Bible,
Political Views: Democrat
Religious Views: Christian
Hobbies: Telling war stories to his two sons, Joe and Rufus. Also like to read books in his spare time.
Likes: Helping slaves any way he could

Status Updates
1863: Barely made it out of Gettysburg. Those damn Confederate cowards! The battle may have been won but the war is far from over.
1860: Our new president is Abraham Lincoln. Neither the North nor South trusts him. I fear that war is almost upon us.
1859: John Brown tries to spark up another slave rebellion with an attack on Harpers Ferry but was unsuccessful.
1855: A lot of violence occurs in Bloody Kansas. The violent outbreaks between the anti-slavery and the pro-slavery groups got a lot worse. This act basically overrode the Missouri Compromise of 1820
1854: Kansas-Nebraska act is finally passed. Now they can decide whether or not to harbor slavery. This might help get rid of some of this conflict.
1852: Uncle Tom’s Cabin is published. Helps to strengthen fugitive slave laws in the North.
1850: Today there was some article in the paper about some compromise in Congress. That new Fugitive Slave Act probably won't be very well received...
1848: The Free-Soil party forms. It is made up of radical democrats and anti-slavery Whigs.
1846: James DeBow’s magazine, DeBow’s Review, is now the leading Southern magazine. It warns heavily against depending on the North economically. DeBow's Review emerges as the leading voice for secession.
1845: The southern Baptist convention stops supporting slavery. This is a pretty big turn in the South.


Note 1: What is slavery and why does it exist?
Slavery… I think it best describes what we as an entire race went through. It isn’t just a simple word that means to put someone under servitude forcibly. Its way more than that. It’s the demoting of a race as a whole. Like a shadowy figure chasing and hunting you down till your broken, beat, and scarred. I just wish we can end this war soon so my brethren can be freed the way God almighty intended. All the awful stories I hear like how they would be raped by their masters and all was terrible. Like when I was reading’ that book by Harriet Jacobs. All of that was only what she saw and I’m pretty sure it could’ve been even worse deeper in the South.

Note 2: What were the ideals for which the Revolutionary War was fought?
Man, war never changes. It’s always cause of someone trying to get something done but just exhausted every other option. It’s just something that everyone has to go through at one point or another. I really think the only reasons were here fighting’ this thing is ‘because some white man got the power and knowledge to convince us to. I mean it is for a good cause but all the lives that’ll be changed. People taken from their families and even injured for life. I guess its just one of the plagues caused by the species that is man.

Photo Gallery
Drummers from the Union
Drummers from the Union
Our newly elected president, Abraham Lincoln
Our newly elected president, Abraham Lincoln
A newly freed slave child playing
A map of the westward expansion
The Union Flag
The Union Flag
Confederate Flag
Confederate Flag
A rifle used in the Civil War
A rifle used in the Civil War
Soldiers moving a cannon into position
Soldiers moving a cannon into position
Union soldiers pushing on
Union soldiers pushing on