WELCOME to my music page here you will learn about different genres, different music languages from the past and the ways that they relates to African American History. Below you will be able to hear music from all around the world, For example,"Lerm o Zot Te Rroj" by Ylli Baka, "Love Story" by Taylor Swift and many more..


  • an artistic form of communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
  • any agreeable (pleasing and harmonious)
  • musical activity (singing or whistling etc.)
  • (music) the sounds produced by singers or musical instruments (or reproductions of such sounds)

The different meanings make music so unique, it exists all around the world. There are many different types of music such as country, disco, blues ect.. People all around the world listen to music for different reasons for example, from interviewing 10 people I received the same answer which is, " I Listen to music everyday because it helps me calm down when I'm in a bad mood" . Music is a way that these musicians have let out their feelings and what they think or believe and because we can make ourselves relate to the lyrics we listen to what they have to say and the way that they got through it and/or handled things.

1. How does each song relate to syncopation?
2. What are some instruments used in each song?
3. All though songs may be in different languages are their meaning purposes the same?


Song: Lerm o Zot Te Rroj
Musician: Ylli Baka
Came out: 2008
Genre: Country/folk
Explanation: This song is called "Lerm o Zot Te Rroj" meaning "god let me live" it relates to African American history because it is asking god to let us live and contains musical instruments that have also been used by African Americans. Instruments such as clarinet & tambourine, another reason why this song relates to African American History is because it is a religious sort of song and it is believed that religious songs are the main types of songs that used to be sung by African Americans.


Song: Nje Here Ne Jete
Musician: Alban Skenderaj
Came out: 2008
Explanation: The tittle of this song translated to english is called "One time in life" I chose to use this song because in this song the artist is trying to say that a girl like her only comes once in a lifetime and the song also uses instruments like piano, tumberine and drums. This song contains both stressed and unstressed symbols but it mainly revolves around unstressed because the artist is trying to make the song seem sad & slow. This song relates to african American history because of the choice of words and expressing how they feel through a song.




Song: Love Story
Musician: Taylor Swift
Album: Fearless
Came out: 2008
Genre: Country pop
Explanation: This is a love story kind of song and it relates to African American history because if a white woman liked a black man they knew that nothing could ever happen to them because of the racial difference and in this song that racial difference is expressed as the father keeping romeo and juliet apart from each other. In this song some of the instruments used are guitar and drums.

Song: Mockingbird
Musician: Eminem
Album: Curtin Call
Came out: Dec 6,2005
Genre: Rap
Explanation: This song is Called Mockingbird by Eminem it relates to African American history because a type of song that tells a story and it is believed that many African Americans express their words and to a type of poetry called rap. This song also tells how families do struggle but we mange to make the best of it anyway, and African American families used to struggle a lot in the past and the were strong enough to make it.



Song: Money, Money
Musician: RBD
Came out: 2008
Genre: Pop
Explanation: I chose this song because it relates to African American history by containing instruments like drums & vocals and the the tittle of the song is money, money and this was something that African Americans really did struggle for, & they would commonly express their feelings through their music.


Song: A dios Le Pido
Musician: Juanes
Came out: n/a
Genre: Pop
Explanation: The tittle of this song means "I'm asking god", this song relates to African American history because it has to do with religion and in includes instruments that were commonly used by African Americans such as drums & guitar.


US Census

The United States population varied by the year it was for example in the year 2000 Census showed that the US population was 281.4 million. The total black or African-American population was 36.4 million, which is 12.9% of the total. In America the people got asked questions about their race and the responses were self-identification. They were also asked to respond with what they thought or considered their race to be. In the 1990 Census, people were asked the same question about their race, but they had to respond with either selecting one race or more race categories to indicate their racial identities. Because they changed their ways for 2000 the could not compare the data that they took from 1990 to 2000, which changed the racial composition of the United States over time. According to the 2000 census, the majority of the black population was found from the south. The black population in total started to increase faster then the total population between 1990 and 2000. The places with the most blacks population was reported from Chicago and New York.

The Image above shows the percent of the population that were in the South, West, Midwest, & Northeast
It also shows that, according to statistics, the percent of African American Married- Couples percentage was much higher then the female householder, with no husband [or partner] present. I think that the reason the percentage is higher for the Married- couples is because they have had in a way more of a easier living foundation then the female householder that had no husband present.


The image above is shows that white families lived in a way better then black families in terms of a their social classes and the families that included both husband and wife had a much higher income for both whites and blacks. In my opinion this also shows that there is a huge difference in each graph but the one similarity that i see is that although they might have been either African American families or white the most effective areas are in the families that only had a husbands total earnings.



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