Here i am the first time i ever tried on my confederit drumming uniform. I was ashamed to be wearing this uniform.

Name: Jeremiah Jenkins
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 8th 1848
Hometown: Alabama Plantations
Profession: Slave/ Confederate Drummer
School: None
Favorite Book: Cannot Read
Favorite Quotes: Ulysses S. Grant "
Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can, and strike him as hard as you can. And keep moving on!"
Religious views: Christan (but not very religious)
Political Views: Cannot follow politics

Hobbies: Singing

I am Jeremiah Jenkins 15-year-old Drummer for the confederate army. Orville Bush owns me but Orville saw my drumming skills on the plantation and gave me to the confederate army. I was a self taught drummer it always seemed to come naturally to me when I was six my father ( a craftsman ) made me to wooden sticks to play with I have never let those sticks out of my site. My hero is Ulysses S Grant leader of the Union army. I plan to switch sides in a battle and the North defeats the confederate army and bring my family to freedom. My birthday is 6/8/1848 I have never been out of Alabama where my plantation is. My family is full of hard workers. My brother has suffered more in his five year old life than he should have had to his whole life. I will help end slavery and when I’m free I’m going to be in a band because that is the goal I would like to achieve if I weren’t in these chains.
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