Research Questions:alicia-keys.jpg

Who's the most famous R&B artist?
How did R&B start?
Who influence it the most?
What genre of music did it form from?
Was there a time where R&B was neglected?
How many singers sing R&B now?

Research Design:

The genre of music I decided to chose was Rhythm & Blues (R&B). What I plan on doing is picking an artist through different time periods, and comparing their lyrics, beat of music, and how their music comes from African American Foundation.


My thesis is that Rhythm & Blues (R&B) originated from African Americans and started in the 1940's. Over time, the music became for upbeat and alive. Of course there were times when African Americans were judged, because of their appearance and where they can from. So R&B would have had that rebellion time or inspirational music. But overall R&B has evolved a lot from the 1940's until now.



"Back At One" by Brian McKnight

''I Want You Back" by Jackson 5