Thesis: There are different types of Hip-Hop music from the 1990's- 2000's.

Research Questions:

1] Who made Hip Hop history come alive?
2] How did it become really popular?
3] Was there ever a time when Hip Hop wasn’t accepted?
4] What year did it start?
5] Who’s the most famous Hip Hop artist now?
6] Who was the most famous Hip Hop artist when it started?
7] Did Hip Hop mean something different than it means now?
8] How many rappers today rap; Hip Hop?
9] How many white artists are there today?
10] Who was the first Hip Hop artist?

Research Answers:
1] Hip hop was born from Biggie Smalls, Run DMC, and Tupac Shakur.
2] It came popular by the beef between rap artists "Biggie" and "Tupac."
Then everyone wanted to make there old songs to try and become popular
because everyone likes hip hop; people wanted to be known.
3] Hip hop really isn't accepted anywhere because of cursing but right
now people don't care; they do what they want to.
4] No one really knows what year but it started between 1980 and 1985.
5] The most famous hip hop artist is Lil wayne and Eminem.
6] Keith Cowboy/Biggie/Tupac
7] Yes, as a matter of fact hip hop is all about killing people now and starting
wars. Back then is was all about the truth and what happens in life. As for
Biggie, he always spoke the truth and rapped about his life.
8] Between 34-39 thousand.
9] Between 19,900-20,900
10] Run DMC

Research Design:
This page is going to be about how hip hop changed from the 1990's to the late 2000's. On who was the best rappers as it started up and who is the best now. Also on how it relates to African American History and how African American History relates to it.

The Hip Hop History:
Hip hop changed in many ways over the past couple years/decades. Hip Hop came from the two hottest rappers known as Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. The face of the hip hop 'stories' is known as Lil Wayne and Eminem. Hip hop went from all the truth to nothing but lies now-a-days. People say there the hottest but everyone knows who the hottest is. They say they pop people but nothing happens. No beef now-a-days are like Biggies beef with Tupac. Hip hop changed a lot because of people over the years start shooting people just because they lost a rap battle. Just as Curtis Jackson a.k.a 50 Cent was mainly the only rapper to get filled with more than 3 bullets. No other rapper had more shots split to them then 50 cent. Hip Hop relates to African American history by all the different types of black people that raps. For instance, we have a few white rappers but the majority of the rappers are African American. African American history relates to it by rapping about like making money, bagging girls, and dealing with drugs. I hear around people saying that African Americans only rap about all that stuff. While caucasian rappers rap about their life. This is an exact example of "stereotyping". But back then African American rappers such as Biggie and Tupac rap about their life.


Biggie Smalls- Juicy (1994)
Description: This song was made by Biggie in the early
1990's. This relates to my thesis because of his flow, the
way he rapped, and what it was about.

Tyga- Movin' 2 Fast (2010)
Description: Song was made by Tyga in 2010. It relates
to my thesis by the flow and what he rapped about. You
can see the difference between
Biggie's and Tyga's songs.

Hyphy (Instrumental)- Markus (2009)
Description: This instrumental type of song was made by
Markus in the late 2000's. The instrumental is more hype
then it was back then you will tell when you listen to the
Changes instrumental.

Changes (Instrumental)- Tupac (1998)
Description: Instrumental was made by the Dj of
Tupac Shakur
in the late 1990's. The instrumental is nothing like now and days,
instrumentals from decades ago were all calm beats.


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