Fig. 1: Students Civil Rights Commercials

Summary of how the topic relates to liberty or equality
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Shamarlon Yates/Dan Wirt
Lynching in America
Liberty: A person should not be burned alive, hung from a tree or a bridge like an animal just because of the color of their skin. A person should not be hung from a tree and then littered with bullets like an animal. I think that these are just individual rights and lynchers in the South defied all of them.

Equality: Lynching relates to equality because on the fact that it was used to suppress an entire race of people. Thousands of African Americans were killed just to terrorize and entire race from voting and for radical whites to maintain white supremacy.
Andora Myftaraj/Heather Campbell
Little Rock Nine
The nine students stood for both liberty and equality in education. The African American students had previously attended black schools, which were no were near as nice or good as the white schools. The Surpreme court had required desegregation in all schools across the United States of America, but schools were still resisting. These nine students were fighting for equal educational opportunities for all along with themselves, which at the time was a very difficult but vital.
Cyndi Lynn Sheridan/Catherine Nardone
The Emancipation Proclamation
Liberty & Equality
This relates to liberty and equality by the letting of the slaves became free but only under a technicality. It relates to equality more than liberty because the slaves were fighting against their slave owners and for the people that actually thought of them as actual people and not dogs like their slave owners. The part that relates to liberty is when the slaves are said to be fighting for their rights and equality in their war of justice for the states in the Union. For some individuals this was hard to fight, especially because they had never had any military training before. For groups of people it was hard also because when they went out to fight, they would most likely go out with their friends, and then they would have to see their friends get brutally killed in war.

Vincent Russell & Rondel Calloway
54th Regiment
The 54th regiment had only African-Americans recruited and were promised equal shares of food, equal equipment and equal pay. They were charged for their uniforms, other equipment and food, while the other white regiments were not. They often got less than half their hard earned pay because of that reason. Facing the government they refused orders and rebelled against the decision. Even the officers that were once loyal to the government fought for equal rights of the troops. Eventually the government gave in and gave them their pay in the fall of 1865. Later there was a law passed that states everyone in the military gets the same pay.
This relates to liberty because if you fight for your country you should be rewarded equally. The reward for the same amount of effort should be the same when the color of their skin does not matter. This relates to equality because the African-Americans were not getting the same pay as the Whites and that is not a social equality. People in society should be treated equally when they are willing to die for a cause.